IMG_3255IMG_3256IMG_3253IMG_3251IMG_3242IMG_3296My exhibition at the Sock Gallery is well under way now. There was a fabulous turn out for the Meet The Artist coffee morning, so many that I’m sure I didn’t get to speak to everyone- if that was you then forgive me- and thankyou for coming!¬†Everyone was chatting and munching on croissants and drinking coffee whilst wand around the artwork- it was glorious- such a cheerful and positive time. I loved it!

Im really pleased to say that 14 of my paintings were sold on that day which was such a boost to me and a  an affirmation of my new work without watercolour!

In my collection of work there are a variety of themes which the thought processes that I followed, including work with an emphasis on texture,colour, perspective,collage and patterns. In none of them am I trying to produce a slavish representation of what I see, but rather my intuitive response to them. This last six months has been a voyage of discovery and response.

For those of you who cannot come here are some photographs of the exhibition- which is on until the end of July.