Brighten up your home with Lyn Armitage Luxury Cushions

Lyn Armitage Art Luxury Cushions

Lyn Armitage Art Luxury Cushions

A few weeks ago I started thinking about what more I can do with my art, other than just paintings and prints, and around the same time I had a beautiful linen cushion made for my living room. So many people had complimented the cushion that I thought I’d give it a try seeing how one of my favourite pieces looked as a luxury linen cushion, so I had one made as a gift for a friend. She absolutely loved it, and so do I!

From here I decided to select a few of my favourite pieces which can be made into cushions.

Lyn Armitage Luxury Cushion

Lyn Armitage Luxury Cushion

Any of these would look great as a bright and bold statement piece in your living room, bedroom, or any other room you can think of! Perhaps you’d like to treat someone in your life to something a little more unusual to brighten up their home, then these might be the sort of thing you’re looking for :)

I’m selling these luxury cushions at £90 each plus £5 UK delivery, and are made from a high quality linen or silk dupion. If you’re interested in buying any of the designs below, please contact me using the reference design number below the image.

Luxury Linen and Silk Dupion Cushions

Special Offer

Some of these designs are the same as some of my greeting card designs (£2.50 – £3 depending on the card), if you are buying a cushion as a gift and would like to include that same design greeting card, I can offer you both the cushion and the card for £96.50including delivery – just let me know the card and cushion reference numbers.

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