About Lyn Armitage Art: An Artist in Leicestershire

Lyn Armitage Art Floral Paintings Delphiniums

Lyn Armitage Art watercolour painting of delphiniums

Originally form Yorkshire, and now as an artist in Leicestershire, I am always noticing things around me which inspire me – and I love being able to take what my local area has to offer and to put my own twist on it.

I love flowers. Ever since I was a child I have always been around flowers and loved everything about them. My paintings of flowers are essentially spontaneous. I do not aim to capture the complex details of the blooms but rather their essence.

I aim to recreate the richness of form, pattern, texture and light found at a given time and that this will show my love of them.

Inspired by nature, people and buildings, I thrive on trying out new techniques and artistic styles (recently I’ve been developing my own take on the mixed media style of painting, and it really is fascinating) in order to create pieces that I love, and hopefully that others do too.

My Painting Process

Three Figs with Auriculas

Lyn Armitage: artist in Leicestershire. Painting of Three Figs with Auriculas

I love the process of putting the paint on the paper, to see what comes from the paint and to record my response to something beautiful.  I love experimenting with materials and discovering new ways of working with them.

Often I use watercolour in a loose and flowing style where colours and edges morph from seen to imagined, where form moves from reality to illusion and texture and pattern act as a cohesive web binding the whole.

Marks are important to me, I like to use spontaneous marks that appear arbitrary and whimsical in nature, which dance around the painting and move interest from one area to another.  Marks which give bursts of energy and jewels of colour to the painting are key elements.

Finally and most importantly – I love colours! From bright and vibrant colours found in spring time and the rich and varied colours in endless summer flowers and plants through autumnal warm hues of ochres, umbers,reds and greens to those muted, close-toned subtle shades in winter seed heads,twigs and branches.

Every season brings it’s own wonderful tapestry of rich variety to paint.

Artists I Admire

The following artists have inspired me and my style of art, along with encouraging me to develop new and different ways of painting, and I urge you to take a look at their work as well:

A Passion for Teaching Artists in Leicestershire

Lyn Armitage Art - Watercolour Artist Leicestershire Clematis and Geranium

A painting I completed for one of my art teaching sessions of clematis and geraniums

I have taught art for over 20 years, and during that time I have never lost the thrill and pleasure of seeing somebody flourish and develop their natural artistic talent. Working with artists in Leicestershire, I help them to learn new techniques and try out new styles of painting – and there’s nothing more rewarding than watching someone grow and improve.

That’s why I set up my art courses, where artists in Leicestershire can come together and learn more about painting, to try and improve on their skills and develop their techniques. My painting classes and art workshops, based in and around Leicestershire are proving popular, and I’m really excited to do more of this!

So now you’ve heard a little about me and what I’m about – maybe have a sneak peak at some of the art I create, and if you like it, I’d love to hear from you! My blog is regularly updated with information about events and art exhibitions I’m attending, along with useful hints, tips and tidbits I’ve spotted here and there about painting and art, so do check that out – and if you’d like to keep even more up to date with that, then you can follow me on Twitter or see what I’m up to on Facebook as well.

I’m off to go and paint something now, maybe I’ll share it with you all on here some day…