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From time to time, some of my lovely students from my painting classes or art workshops in Leicestershire, or sometimes those who have bought my work, have left me very complimentary comments – some of them short and sweet, some of them lovely and long.

If you would like to leave any comments to be included on this page, please do get in contact either by email, through my Twitter, or possibly my Facebook pages if you’d rather.

I thought I’d share some of them with you, so read on…

White Vase

Acrylic painting of some white flowers in a vase bought by a very happy customer :)

“Many thanks for yesterday – enjoyed it a lot”
“Thanks for a brilliant day yesterday – this is probably too much information, but I’m still in my P.J’s. -because I’ve been painting poppies all morning!” 
“I would like to say that having attended art class each Wednesday has changed my life and given me something to focus on, the art projects we do have made me think and see things so differently.”
“I’ve loved being part of art group.I have learn’t lots about painting and drawing and have seen a lot of improvement in my own ability over the past seven or so years. Wish I’d done it years ago.I’m learning new things all the time and enjoy having ago at any different ways of painting,using whatever technique or medium suggested.”
“I saw this painting on Lyn’s website on the morning I had planned to visit her exhibition at Wymondham Mill and immediately hoped that it would be included. In reality the painting was even better than my first glimpse on line and I felt very strongly drawn to it. I experience this wonderful painting as restful, intricate and refreshing. The more I gaze happily on it, the more subtlety I find. There is pencil drawing, delicate shading, and a subtle mix of colours which changes in the light bring forward or cause to recede. It has a soft, warm background, delicate hints of gold shimmer and a wonderfully expansive mount and frame.
Exhibition of a Lyn Armitage Art Leicestershire Painting Class

Exhibition of a Lyn Armitage Art Leicestershire Painting Class

I knew before I left the exhibition that I had to buy this painting, I could not leave without it, even though it seemed expensive at the time. Having lived with it for some weeks now I can honestly say that it has given me nothing but pleasure and inspiration. Lyn is my art tutor and I value her expertise, encouragement and gentle challenging. I wish her every success with future exhibitions.”
“Lynn’s painting of my cottage has captured the essence of my home and some of my most treasured items with whimsical twists of colour, pattern, juxtaposition and humour. This is not a photo, it doesn’t look exactly like my home in many ways, but still it does, which is what I hoped for when Lynn suggested the painting. I was delighted when I first saw it. My eye roves around the image and composed elements with interest, and the painting makes me smile.”
“Bullfinches are some of our favourite birds we see in the garden and the picture captures them beautifully. We love the multi media style that sets off the birds’ beautiful colouring and captures the charm of the birds in a natural looking, but interesting, informal setting.”
“I discovered Lyn’s paintings on a recent trip to England, and fell in love with them! I purchased two beautiful watercolors which fit perfectly with the decor of our home. Lyn was so helpful in discussing my thoughts and what I was looking for, that I now email her just for advice!”
“I’ve learnt so much over the last five years and I’m lucky to be part of a class of lovely, friendly and funny people. The variety of subjects we’ve painted has been quite a revelation to me as I was probably narrow-minded in my thinking beforehand. All in all I’m so glad I came ! Thank you Lyn. “
Lyn Armitage Art Bespoke Paintings - Commissioned Painting for a lovely customer of her cottage living room

Commissioned Painting for a lovely customer of her cottage living room

“Lyn always puts together a varied and interesting programme for the art group, keeps us all on our toes as we never know what to expect. A lot of research and preparation goes into all of her classes. On a personal note I have so enjoyed the last two years of classes. With her encouragement and interest my art work has improved beyond my expectations, as a result I have exhibited at the Sock Gallery in Loughborough, joined the Rutland Open Studios and had paintings shown, and sold, in several local exhibitions.”
“The Art Class i attend with Lyn has inspired me to open up doors that were otherwise lost in a fog of the unknown . Sharing ideas has been inspiring, rather like friends and family around the dining table , informal , informative and instructive and a new found confidence in producing and expressing my art work . I’ve also gained a new interest in Art that had been put on the back burner before I joined class . A big thank you to Lyn.”
“Art class is an oasis in my week! Calm purposeful, nice people and I learn a lot because we have an excellent teacher (who knows how to teach.)”

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