As many of you are aware last year was pretty awful for me as in Februaryv2015  I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my bones. I had to have major surgery on my spine which meant 3 months in total in hospital and radiotherapy on the affected vertebrae. Obviously I have not been able to teach my classes since then whilst I recovered from the surgeries and treatments.

At the moment the cancer is under control and blood tests are showing positive readings.I have been able to do some paintings which have been acrylics on canvas rather than my usual watercolours! I am finding this new challenge exciting, challenging, rich, varied and am looking forward to seeing what I can produce!

I am keeping on two classes – img_7557 img_6041 img_6621 img_5635 img_6011 img_4900my Monday class at Thrussington (12.30-3.00) and my Tuesday morning class at Wigston.( 10-12.30). At present I am there every couple of weeks ,and am hoping this will increase- it will unfold as time goes on.

I hope that in the future I will be holding some workshops at Thrussington so if you would like to be on my mailing list then please contact me via the website.

Please keep watching for information about where you can see my work.

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